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HOWTO knit a pair of Converse All-Stars

HOWTO knit a pair of Converse All-Stars

Cory Doctorow: A Crafster community member made a pair of Converse shoes and sewed them onto a set of Converse soles whose uppers had worn away. After sewing on the Chuck Taylor All-Star ankle patches, the outcome was a dementedly fabulous pair of frankentennies.

I knit a pair of converse shoes. I'd had this idea for aaages, but just recently conned someone into giving me an old pair. I cut off all the fabric, save for about a 1/4 inch along all the edges, and knit pieces to sew in place. They didn't take a very long time to make- the hardest part was sewing everything together. Ugh! I think the effort was worth it, and they're actually really strong. I played a game of baseball in them the other day, and they've held up just fine!
(Thanks, Aija!)

Free energy?

I meant to blog about this when i read the story in the paper, but i forgot. For some reason over the weekend, I mentioned it to geoffrodriguez who was interested and reminded me to post about it. Briefly, a company called Steorn have claimed to have created a machine that can 'make' energy. Now, i stop studying physics fairly early, and thus a long time ago, but one of the few laws i remember was the Principle of the Conservation of Energy; that energy can never be destroyed or lost or created, only changed. In order for their claim to be true, they must be getting out more energy than they are putting in, which according to the laws of physics, is impossible.

Suffice to say there's been huge controversy, and they are attempting to assemble a panel of 12 sceptical scientists to prove it to. I have no idea whether it's real or not. If it's not, it's either a genuine mistake, or a very complicated, elaborate scam (presumably into buying stock in the company when it floats or investing money etc.).

If it's real, of course, then it will, and this is no exageration, change the world forever. Free energy, no need to dig up oil or coal, no need to build nuclear powerstations, no harmful emissions destroying the environment etc etc and so on.

Read the story, look at their website. Make your own mind up. Guardian Unlimited story


Brilliant Washing machine ad

Yes, that's high on the list of phrases i never thought i'd say, but anyway, Ariston have produced an absolutely brilliant advert for their new machine

A picture, every day for 6 years

Lots of stuff on Youtube is rubbish, but the cream does sometimes rise to the top! This is a perfect example. This guy has taken a picture of himself, everyday for 6 years, and has now stuck them up for the world to see. It is incredibly hypnotic, and the music reminds me of the Truman Show, which is rather appropriate I think.

Why I miss Dorset part 42

So many things to be proud of from my home county, but surely nothing better than the fact that Dorset donkeys make the best team! Over-excited? Me?

Bruno wins top beach donkey prize

A six-strong herd of donkeys in Weymouth are named as Britain's Best Group of Beach Donkeys.


Ian Dale has blogged about an interesting new initiative by Greenwich Tory councillors to hold surgeries exclusively for gay and lesbian residents.

It seems very confused to me. It says that they <i>will be holding surgeries relating to LGBT issues</i>, but it also says that <i>Any resident of the borough wanting to discuss issues relating to council activities, including housing, civil partnerships, and council tax can come along to the surgeries without an appointment during the allotted time. </i> which is pretty well what would happen at any surgery anway, so what is really so special about this?

There are numerous issues that some LGBT residents might worry about in outing themselves to people in power, or indeed to anyone else.

It seems like it has been done to try and show that they are inclusive, but by inviting everyone else in anyway, it just shows that it's just a bit of spin

Vote Blue Go Pink -Would You Like to Come up And See My Surgery Sometime?


I don't often blog Boing Boing stories, mainly because they have a gazillion more readers than I ever will, but this was one I had to post. Some fantastic sole has posted up on Flickr

BoingBoing reader Jeremiah Britt says,

Knowing how much you guys love the random, beautiful and bizarre ephemera of yesteryear, I scanned in the illustrations from the Big Little Book "The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - The Calcutta Affair". The poses are awkward, some of the panel art ridiculous and the captions surreal. It's especially amusing without the context of the text. Enjoy.

3D Pavement Art

I'm sure I'm months behind on this, but anyway, moving late and trying to catch up, I present to you 3D Pavement Art


Not bad, considering i guessed almost all of it. Stolen, quite shamelessly, from fi_herman

You have 37% Iowa in you!

Hey, not bad. You enjoy a little bit of the rural life. Next time you're in the midwest check Iowa out. It's not so bad.

Do you have Iowa in you?




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