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Gig summary - 2006

Well, I went to more gigs in 2006 than i ever have before (thanks almost entirely to tippex79!) so I thought I'd try and give a brief summary.

Without doubt the definite highlight gig of the year was The Dresden Dolls at the Camden Roundhouse (full review here). It's a hell of a standard for anyone to pass, but who knows, maybe 2007 will find another band willing to spend the time assembling a support show that does actually support their music.

In terms of the gig i was most looking forward to in the year, that would certainly be David Gilmour (with Richard Wright) at the Royal Albert Hall. It didn't disappoint either, and it was a great gig (though sadly I didn't go on the night that David Bowie performed Arnold Layne (see journal entry with video) but did get Mica Paris doing Great Gig in the Sky. For full review and tracklisting see my review. Seeing half of Pink Floyd is probably the best i can hope for now (though I'm seeing Roger Waters in 07 (anyone know if Nick Mason is touring with him?))

Clearly the most seen artist was the wonderful Duke Special, 5 times I think. He's gone from nowhere to 8th on my most listened to artists in the space of less than a year, and he is wonderful live. Each time i think he had a slightly different support set-up, and each time he didn't disappoint with setlisting or arrangements. It is a definite skill to be able to adapt your songs and still make them work, and it's certainly something that needs other artists could learn from.

One of those is certainly James Morrison, who i saw three times this year, and I can say with a fair degree of certainty I won't be seeing him again. The first time i saw him was supporting the wonderful Martha Wainwright (review here). The second gig was a very cozy set with just him and his keyboard player again (review here) which was another excellent gig. However, the third gig really wasn't up to much. As i feared after listening to the horribly over-produced album, the addition of a backing band sucked the life out of the songs and made him sound rather dull.

Other highly enjoyable gigs this year included:

Martha Wainwright with all her helpers on stage Chris Stills, Ed Harcourt, Thea Gilmore and the fab Kate & Anna McGarrigle.

The fantastic OK Go who hopefully will break through in 2007 (they've been Grammy nominated for their great treadmills video) so fingers crossed for them!

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins supported by Johnathan Rice

Sir Willard White performing the life-story of Paul Robeson. What a voice that man has (well, both of them), a truly mesmerising performance.

The Divine Comedy (see my full review).

BJ Cole whilst supporting Duke Special, hopefully i'll be able to get hold of some of his stuff in 07.

Ben Kweller, a perfectly good gig, even if the band did make me feel old.

Venue of the year is probably The Camden Roundhouse, though I did muchly like Bush Hall too.

There, I think that's everything! Not a bad year at all, and 2007 is shaping up nicely too!



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Jan. 9th, 2007 06:46 pm (UTC)
re: Nick Mason
I read an online Interview with Nick Mason recently and someone asked if he was going to be drumming for Roger, but his reply was "Well Roger hasn't called me yet". Not sure how old the article was though.
( 1 person is not afraid to care — Breathe in the air )


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