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Divine Comedy and Duke Special

Thursday 2nd November, tippex79 and I went to Divine Comedy supported by Duke Special at the awesome Roundhouse in Camden.

First, just a little about the venue. The Roundhouse in Camden is something of a legendary venue, and it's great to see it back in use after many years of decay. As a Pink Floyd fan it was great to get into a venue where they created a lot of their history.

To be honest, we're both really gone to see Duke Special, I think that's the first time I've gone to a gig to see a support artist rather than the main event.

It was a good gig, not perhaps the best I've seen him do, and, of course, being the support, the crowd were talking quite a lot, which was a shame. Duke voice was excellent, but i felt sometimes the sound levels weren't quite right, but nothing major. It was a very long set, longest support set I've ever seen. The Duke was ably supported by, amongst other, Chip Bailey, and, for one track by Foy Vance with his wonderful voice.

Overall then, a good set, and he certainly got a good reception and I think won over some new fans, which is great!

Then the main event, The Divine Comedy. In advance of this gig, i did try to dig out the one album of his I had, Casanova, but sadly couldn't find it, so went to the gig very under-prepared!

It was an excellent gig, Neil Hannon was in exceptionally good fettle, and had the crowd in the palm of his hand; cavorting about, using monitors as props, smoking, and of course, singing wonderful songs! We also got a lovely cover of Prince's Raspberry Beret

I've always felt encores are ideal time for covers, and was duly rewarded with another, this time The Doors' Touch Me, very faithfully done and got people singing along.

Overall, the night was fantastic, great gig, great to see Duke Special raising his profile (coupled with a slot on Later with Jools Holland


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